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About us

The Billie Butterfly Fund and this website were set up by friends of Billie and her family who were devastated by what happened and wanted to do whatever it took to improve Billie’s chances of surviving this appalling cancer. Here is a list of the people who were involved. However the feedback, ideas & efforts make the list endless.

Dicky Harrison & Anne Webb – General co-ordination & initial e-mail contact

Caroline Shortt – Press Officer

Cat Slatcher – Campaign Secretary & Twitter

Donna Hussain – Networking

Joe Aldridge / Tamsin Williams – Events Co-ordinators

Rachel Mapledoram – Trustee of Billie’s Fund

Nicky Chadwick – Collections co-ordination

Dougal Mathers – Website Management

Matt Doyne-Ditmas – Website Designer

Tim Scott – Designer

And thanks to everyone else involved in the creation of the fund including…

Phoebe Stockman, Mike Lamble, Rachel Hirst, Ben Ervine, Matt Ashford, Tom Holland, Andy Bourner, Sarah Chappelle, Sam Merry, Billy Cheeseman, Ruth Stafford, Barry Webb, & all the friends of Billie, Sam, Terri, Joe & the family who care very much about this special family and the situation they are going through.

You can contact us via


A Trust was established in Billie’s name to provide a clear legal basis for the fundraising campaign and for the handling of funds raised. The Trust deed specifically states that any funds raised which are not used towards the cost of Billie’s treatment will be applied directly to research into child brain cancer.