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Nov 28 11

Family statement regarding Billie’s treatment

The fundraising team and Billie’s family are aware of sceptical views about treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Texas being expressed on the internet and feel it is important to make a brief statement. 

Right from the start we have been well aware of the widely differing views about this treatment. Pioneering  treatment inevitably attracts controversial views. The family spent a great deal of time exploring the options available when it became clear that no further conventional treatment for Billie was available in the UK. The costs are high but no more so than other medical treatment in America. 

We know there are no guarantees with any experimental treatment but were not prepared to sit back and do nothing while there was a small chance this treatment could improve her chances of survival. The family has been in contact with other families whose children have been helped by this treatment. The clinic is currently conducting clinical trials approved by the FDA, the Government agency responsible for approving all medical treatments in the USA.

 We are tremendously grateful for the overwhelming support we have received. Soon after Billie was diagnosed a Trust Fund was set up in her name. One of the stipulations of the Trust is that any funds not required for her treatment will be spent on research into the treatment of child brain cancer in the UK in the hope that there may be better help for children like Billie in the future.